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Welcome to Gisele Arnaud Dental

Here at Gisele Arnaud Dental, we believe that everyone should have access to quality dental care. Your dental health has a direct impact on your overall health and, as it impacts your confidence, your mental wellbeing. As a top Midtown general dentist and an experienced Midtown cosmetic dentist, Dr. Arnaud has seen the difference her work makes in the lives of her patients and she wants everyone to have the chance to give themselves a healthy and beautiful smile.

What are the two primary factors that stop people from receiving dental treatment? Finances and fear. Our Grand Central general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry practice works to address both of these problems. For our patients who are concerned about being able to afford treatment with us, we offer several different payment options and work with many different insurance companies. Our staff will work to make sure you get as much as you can from your policy and help you find a way to cover what your insurance does not.

If you find the idea of dental treatment to be uncomfortable at best, our Grand Central general and cosmetic dentist is ready to work with you. To help you manage your fear, we ensure that our office is a calm and friendly environment that allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Arnaud can lead you in relaxation and breathing exercises for you to implement as you are treated to keep your stress down. As we work, we make sure to explain everything we do so that you are informed and are not taken by surprise. Finally, should you wish, we also offer hypnosis.

For Midtown general and cosmetic dentist Dr. Arnaud, her patients’ happiness is her ultimate goal. Let us help you smile big and bright.